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OPEN Silicon Valley provides guidance on academic and career pathways to youth with focus on becoming entrepreneurs and successful professionals. The OPEN SV Youth Board is composed of high school and college students. The Youth Board organizes a variety of events for growth including networking and mentoring sessions with esteemed professionals.

Events we have planned

April 29th- OPEN SV Forum
July 18th- Youth Global Filmmaking
September-October: SAT College Prep Tips Seminar with Youth Members
November- Pakistanis in Hollywood (producers, actors, writers, directors, stylists, etc.)
December- Financial planning talk for youth, involving budgeting/investing
January- Resume, job searches for youth
February- Summer internships, job fair

Our Youth Advisors

OPEN SV is excited to announce that a Youth Group of Advisers which form the youth board has been formed and the members of the youth board are listed below. This group is charged with designing, planning and executing the youth events in 2017. We sought and received nominations from the larger OPEN SV community for positions in this group of advisers and received multiple nominations of individual youth OPEN members, every one of whom is an up and coming leader in their own right.
Sameehah Hussain
Sameehah HussainStudent
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Ismaeel Hyder
Ismaeel HyderStudent
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Rida Khawaja
Rida KhawajaStudent
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Faraz Siddiqi
Faraz SiddiqiStudent
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Hayaa Hyder
Hayaa HyderStudent
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Aliya Saiyed
Aliya SaiyedStudent
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Mubashir Hussain
Mubashir HussainStudent
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Tanaz Saiyed
Tanaz SaiyedCEO & Founder
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Faraz Siddiqi
Faraz SiddiqiStudent
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