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Enter To Win An IPad Mini By Becoming A Member Before Jan 20th 2014

OPEN SV is excited to announce its second leg of the Holiday Membership Drive where you can enter to win an IPad Mini by becoming a member or by renewing your membership if you are up for renewal before Jan 20th.

Join OPEN SV Today by clicking here and enter to win an IPad Mini.

What will I get by joining OPEN SV, you ask:

1. Access to Members only events, such as Mentorship Breakfasts. Recently, we featured Streetline CEO, Zia Yusuf, FireEye CTO, Ashar Aziz and well known restauranter and Head Chef of Mirchi Cafe, Lisa Ahmad. 

2. Access to other Members only facilities such as Ask An Expert, where you can ask any question on any topic and an experienced SME from OPEN SV will respond and provide you with further consultations on your topic of interest be it entrepreneurship or a professional concern. 

3. Access to specific events with Deep Discounts and,

4. Deep Discounts at our premiere events like OPEN Forum, OPEN Women's Forum and OPEN Youth Forum.

Rules for the IPad Mini Lottery:

1. Membership Drive will run from Jan 03rd to Jan 20th 2014.

2. Only New members who become members during this drive (B/w Jan 03rd until Jan 20th midnight) or members who renew their memberships between this period will be eligible to be entered in the IPad Mini lottery.

3. Members renewing their memberships or new members who become members during the drive (B/w Jan 03rd and Jan 20th until Midnight) will be automatically entered for a chance to win the IPad Mini.

4. The Mini IPad will be the Wifi model and will be mailed out to the winner at the address provided by the member or be given out to the member him or herself in person at an OPEN SV event before March 30th 2014.

5. OPEN SV Executive Committee members and the members of the extended Executive Committees as well as the members of their families will not be eligible to be included in the lottery for the Mini IPad. 


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