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Speaker Event with General Volunteer Meeting

A big thank you  to Riaz Karamali and his team at Pillsbury Law Office for hosting OPEN SV Speaker Event and General Volunteer Meeting.  Bright and welcoming environment of the Pillsbury Law office made the event very lively, informative and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you Pillsbury for your continuous support for OPEN.

 Event started with a networking session and dinner. Then Dr. Naveed Sherwani, President and CEO at SiFive took the podium. He shared his experience with his past bitcoin venture and explained how blockchain technology works.  His unique style and wealth of knowledge about the topic made this talk highly valuable for the attendees. After going over the technology and significance of block chain, he focused on current and emerging applications for it.

The talk was followed by the general volunteer meeting.  Mobashar Yazdani, President of OPEN SV, went over the organization structure and programs. OPEN SV has eight core teams and ten programs for hosting entrepreneuralship and professional events. Networking and meeting professionals is an important activity as well. 

 Team leads  presented updates and explained their vision and goals for their term. Program leads went over the programs they will be offering the next two years. 

 OPEN is a 100% volunteer based organization and the purpose of these meetings is inform, recruit new volunteers as well as appreciate the efforts of  the volunteers.   We got over 10 new volunteers to help in future events. A big success.  

 If you are  you are interested in volunteering with OPEN SV please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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