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Job Description
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The Citizens Foundation, USA

About the Organization
The Citizens Foundation, USA (TCF-USA) is a US-based non-profit that supports education for
underprivileged children in Pakistan. Currently, TCF-USA raises about $9 million annually to support
programs of The Citizens Foundation (Pakistan) which operates nearly 1,500 schools with 204,000
girls and boys enrolled.

TCF-USA is seeking qualified professionals for the position of Chief Executive Officer to succeed the
current CEO who will continue to serve in an advisory capacity. The succession shall be a smooth
transition for ongoing strategic and operational programs, growth, and execution of TCF-USA’s

The position is based in Houston - however, exceptions can be considered for exceptionally qualified
candidates. The CEO shall report to the President and the Board of Directors.
Job Description

The CEO will work with the Board of Directors in the following areas of responsibilities:
Leadership & Planning

 Ensure that the organization has a long-range strategy to achieve its mission, and makes
consistent and timely progress.
 Work with the Board to implement the Organization’s policies, program goals and objectives.
 Promote an organizational culture (for Board, staff & volunteers) that fosters strong teamwork,
effective communication, and commitment to the goals of TCF-USA, and execution of the Annual
 Ensure that an effective management team is in place, with appropriate provision for succession.
 As TCF-USA primarily funds the programs of The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan, the CEO will
interact frequently with organization leaders and management in Pakistan. This will require
some travel to Pakistan.
 Ensure compliance with all USA federal, state and local regulations. Assure that all conditions
and requirements associated with any grants received by the agency are met.
 Develop and maintain sound financial practices in the organization in concert with the Finance
Committee. Develop the annual budget and ensure that the organization operates within budget
guidelines. Ensure that day-to- day operations of TCF-USA are effectively administered.
 Administer sound personnel management procedures. Oversee recruitment, training, and
evaluations of staff. Implement staff development programs to enhance skills and abilities to
provide for professional growth.
Fund Raising & Communications
 Develop and oversee all fundraising activities, including the soliciting of individual donors,
corporations and foundations.
 Promote broad participation by volunteers in all areas of the organization's work.

 Promote TCF-USA visibility through participation in civic organizations and activities; establish
strong, continuing relationships in both the public and private sectors. Create alliances with
strategic partners in the community. Communicate and ensure that TCF-USA programs (building
and supporting schools) in Pakistan are in accordance with Donor directives and desires.

The CEO will be a professional leader with proven leadership experience and passion for serving the
less privileged. Qualifications shall include:
 A bachelor’s degree and 5 to 10 years of senior management experience with a track record of
execution and scaling performance of organization(s). Must be high energy and results-driven
with a passion for making an impact.
 Must be well-versed with Pakistani culture and business practices, and fluent in Urdu language.
 Entrepreneurial mindset with strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience with
the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures. Strong writing and verbal
communication skills, with excellent interpersonal skills.
 Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach, manage, and develop high-
performance teams; set and achieve strategic objectives; prepare, propose and manage a
Salary and Benefits
 The applicant should expect to serve in this position for an extended period of time, depending
on the applicant’s performance. Objective annual performance evaluations shall be carried out
by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.
 Starting salary and benefits shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience, skills and


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