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Next Workshop - Anatomy of a Business Plan - Secerets to Know
Nov 15th, Networking and Pizza starts at 6:00PM, Event at 6:30PM


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Naeem Zafar
Naeem Zafar
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Professor Hass Business School, UC Berkeley, CEO of TeleSense, Entrepreneur, Educator, Author

Naeem is a faculty member at the University of California Berkeley, Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology and the professor of the Practice at Brown University.  He has taught entrepreneurship and New Venture Finance at Haas Business School since 2005. He is also a serial entrepreneur and he co-founded and served as the CEO of Bitzer Mobile, an enterprise security and mobility company that was acquired by Oracle in November 2013.
Naeem has authored five books on entrepreneurship on topics ranging from conducting market research to seeking the right funding to successful ways to start a business.   His books including “7-Steps to a Successful Startup” are also available on Amazon.com, Kindle and on the iTunes App store. info at www.NaeemZafar.com

We have setup a year long workshop series with Naeem Zafar to cover topics for setting up entrepreneural ventures. Naeem will go over essential for setting up a business plan leading to funding of  a company, its exectution and exit.  Don't miss these sessions which will help you succed in your entrepreneurship and professional endavours.


These sessions are Free for Members and $20 for non-members. Dinner is included. Pre-Registration is required. Click here to become a MEMBER. Click here to REGISTER

EVENT LOCATION Is Plug and Play,  440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, 94085

How to be investor ready - September 14th

This session will outline how to approach investors to get your company funded.  What options do you have and how do you approach investors?  This session will demystify the venture capitalists and angel investors.  What do they look for and how do they make money?  What steps must one go through to get funding?  This session will answer all of these questions and prepare you for seeking the right funding from the right source at the right time.

  • Knowing when you’re ready for investors
  • Your funding options and how to raise money
  • Understanding venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Pitching to these investors
  • What information are they looking for? 

Netwroking and Pizza at 6:00PM, Event starts at 6:30PM

Building a Financial Model in 1 day for Startups - October 26th

This session will outline how to compute how much money to raise by building a simple financial model.  This topic scares most entrepreneurs. They have no idea how to add up all of the numbers and how to guestimate these numbers.  This workshop will provide a step-by-step method on building such a model in one Saturday.

  • Knowing how much money to raise from investors
  • Estimating revenue and expenses for the next 3-5 years
  • Understanding how to do what-if scenarios
  • How to present this info to the investors?

Anatomy of a Business Plan - November 15th

Business plans are no longer a 20 to 30-page long document.  It is the clarity in your head that comes with doing customer discovery and a business model creation.   This can then be expressed in terms of an executive summary or an investor pitch.  What exactly goes into that?  What will grab investors’ attention? 

This session will outline how to develop this business plan.

  • What are the topics that must be covered in a business plan?
  • Where to go get these pieces of data?
  • Do I need a consultant to write such a plan?
  • What should not be in a business plan?

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